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                              1. Hotline:+86-755-23190043
                                SHENZHEN SUNNY METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD was founded in 2001, with nearly 20 years development, it has become an amalgamated company which contains Designing & Development, Hardware Molding, Auto Lathe Machining, CNC Machining, Hardware Stamping, Hardware Die Casting, Plastic Processing, Fabricating and Quality Control. Our manufacturer covers an area of 5000 square meters, there are over 300 machines at every level, we have strong ability of independent products processing and development. Our products are widely used in the fields of Machinery, Electronics, Electric Appliances, Gifts, Light-fittings, Furniture, Automobile and Photoelectricity etc.
                                       We have 60 sets of Taiwan Precision Automatic Lathe, 15 sets of CNC Lathe, 16 sets of Stamping Machine, 15 sets of Plastic Injection Machine, 5 sets of Die-casting Machine , 3 Assembly Lines, Assorted Fabricating and Semi-automatic Equipments, Molding House (Hardware and Plastic Mold), Fully Equipped Detecting Instruments. We mainly produce Auto Lathe Machining Parts, CNC Machining Parts, Stamping Parts, Die Casting Parts, Hardware Plastic Injection Parts and Hardware Molding.
                                       We have our own brand, independently develop various and high quality Digital Product Accessories such as Phone and Tablet PC Holders, Photographic Equipment Supports, Selfie Sticks and  Vehicle-mounted Devices. Meanwhile, we provide OEM and ODM to customers. It’s One-Stop Solution Service which includes designing, R&D and producing, we aim to meet the ultimate pursuit towards quality of customers. I believe our company is leading the industry since we have built solid cooperation relationships with our customers, old and new. 
                                       We uphold the business concept of Honesty First, Pragmatism and Innovation, Sustainable Operation. We won customer's unanimous trust and  praise, domestically and internationally by our high quality products, reasonable and competitive price, strict management system and  excellent service.
                                DEVELOPMENT     COURSE
                                Become an amalgamated company which multiple departments coordinated together, provided One-Stop Solution Service which includes designing, R&D and producing, we led the industry.
                                Built multiple departments such as Designing & Development, Metal Mould, Auto Lathe, CNC Lathe, Metal Die Casting, Fabricating, Metal Stamping, Plastics Processing and Quality Control
                                With steady development, we gained stable orders and built solid relationships with customers.
                                Metal Stamping, Injection Molding, the company started to take shape
                                SHENZHEN SUNNY METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD was founded, we focused on Metal Stamping, Injection Molding and the Production and Assembly of Sparepart
                                COMPANY   VISION
                                Speed up the development 
                                Healthy and wealthy
                                A prosperous enterprise with increasing efficiency.
                                Safe and stable harmonious enterprise.
                                Full of vitality
                                Be a big and strong company.
                                Tolerant and open-minded
                                Remain sustainable development .
                                COMPANY   QUALIFICATION
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